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Helping Your Church Achieve Its Mission

Churches all over the world have a heart for serving orphans and families. Like you, Bethany Christian Services strives to be the hands and feet of Jesus, caring for children in the local community and around the world.

We believe a loving family is a simple, proven, lasting answer to a child’s needs. Whether these children are orphans, in foster care, or their birthparents are unable to care for them, we’re called to minister to them. Your support and partnership means more children in loving families, more families supported, and more ways in which your mission is achieved.

For questions and help with church resources please contact your local branch or call (855) 290-3320.

Church Ministry Opportunities

National Adoption Month

National Adoption Month Spotlight

There are millions of children waiting for a family. Join us and raise awareness at your church this November with these FREE church bulletin inserts. 

Sanctity of Human Life

Sanctity of Human Life Spotlight

Every life is precious. So let's celebrate and raise awareness in our church and community during Sanctity of Life Month in January. We offer free church bulletin inserts, posters, PowerPoint slides, and other electronic resources to assist your church in honoring this important month.

Safe Families for Children

Safe Families for Children Spotlight

A national movement of compassion that helps families and children in crisis. This network of volunteer host families help parents who need to temporarily place their children due to unmanageable or critical circumstances.

Sponsor A Family

One Family Sponsorship Spotlight

Through Bethany's One Family sponsorship, you can help individual families by providing them with nutritious food, assistance with school fees, basic health care, and microenterprise/livelihood opportunities. 

Global Consulting

Global Consulting Spotlight

Although orphanages fill a real need, Bethany believes the best place for a child is in a loving family. Our consulting services will help your church or organization develop programs for family-based care.

Videos for Churches

Church Resources spotlight

Do you want to educate your church community about adoption and the millions of children needing a family? Then these videos are for you!