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Jul 15, 2014

A man is driving down a country road when he spots a farmer standing in the middle of a field. He pulls over and notices that the farmer is just standing there, staring blankly. The man gets out of his car, walks all the way out to the farmer and says, "Excuse me sir, but what are you doing?" The farmer replies, "I'm trying to win a Nobel Prize." "How?" asks the man, puzzled. "Well, I heard they give the Nobel Prize to people who are out standing in their field."

While the farmer had technically heard correctly, we know that it takes much more to win a Nobel Prize than simply standing in a field! An individual must demonstrate great cultural or scientific advances to receive such an honor. The things these heroes accomplish throughout their lives and the difference they make are what count. The same is true about leaving a legacy for those you love. What kind of legacy are you leaving behind for your children and grandchildren? And how can you be sure it’s a “noble” one? Celebrating the things God has done, leaving letters of love for your family, and giving to God’s work through ministries like Bethany Christian Services in your Will are all wonderful ways to demonstrate what is most important to you – and create a legacy that changes lives for years to come. Psalms 78:4 encourages us to share “…God’s fame, fortune and the marvelous things He has done.” What a beautiful way to pass on what is most dear to you – ensuring you extend your impact and His story to future generations. Will you leave a “noble” legacy?

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