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Sep 08, 2014

A young naval officer’s first task was to safely steer a ship away from a wharf for a voyage. He carefully went through the proper procedures; confident he hadn’t forgotten a single thing. As the ship glided smoothly out to sea, a call came from the captain, congratulating the officer on his textbook disembarkation. "There is just one thing you’ve forgotten” the Captain added, “next time make sure I’m on board the ship before you leave!" 

Like the young officer, it can be easy to feel like we’re the ones in charge or are responsible for our own successes – but Jesus said apart from Him we can do nothing. All that we have – and every sunrise we enjoy – is because a loving God provides for us. So how can we bless him in return? By being good stewards of the things He’s entrusted to us.

We can do this in a variety of ways each day: loving others well, exercising wisdom in financial decisions, giving generously of our money and talents, and taking good care of our bodies, material possessions, and the environment. And what about planning for tomorrow? An up-to-date Will or Estate Plan is not only good stewardship, it can be a form of worship. Having a Will that provides for your family, reflects your love for the Lord and blesses ministries you appreciate like Bethany Christian Services, brings honor to God and leaves a powerful legacy for generations to come. It can punctuate your life with a statement of gratitude – pointing others to Christ, and creating an opportunity for them to meet Him.

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