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Jul 29, 2015

When Victor Serebriakoff was 15, his teacher told him he would never finish school and should learn a trade instead. Victor took the advice, dropped out, and spent the next 17 years working a variety of odd jobs. But at age 32, Victor experienced an amazing transformation. An evaluation revealed that he was actually a genius with an IQ of 161! Since that time, Victor has gone on to write books, secure a number of patents, and become a successful businessman. Perhaps the most significant event for the former dropout was his election as chairman of the International Mensa Society. 

Many people want to accomplish something “significant” with their lives, but feel that only big things count. However, Matthew 6:4 suggests God appreciates and openly rewards things that go unnoticed by others…especially in the area of generosity.

Did you know retirement plans provide a simple and wise way to make a significant charitable gift? Here’s what we mean:

Retirement assets willed to a loved one are subject to income and Estate taxes, which typically leave just 30 cents on the dollar! But designating these funds to a nonprofit, like Bethany Christian Services, eliminates taxation and assures 100 percent of the gift goes toward furthering Kingdom work. This means you’re able to leave a God-honoring legacy of significance while still blessing your loved ones with other assets that make greater financial sense.

Don’t miss what’s hidden in plain sight. Consider donating your retirement assets and leave a significant impact for generations to come!

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