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Mar 18, 2015

Think for a moment about what happens after an acorn is planted in the ground. At first glance you’d never think something so small could grow to become such a strong, majestic oak tree. This is a perfect picture of potential. Let’s go a step further and consider what the mature tree could have in common with your future. This concept reminds us how one small act can multiply potential in size, scope, and impact. And that’s exactly what donating appreciated non-cash assets, such as stocks and mutual funds can do to impact your giving for the charities you care about, like Bethany Christian Services. Giving assets is not only a wise financial decision, it is also good stewardship.

Here's what giving assets instead of cash can do for you:

  • Allow you to give more - Increase your giving capacity by eliminating current or future tax exposure.
  • Reset your cost basis - Use your cash to repurchase the same stock or mutual fund if you prefer.
  • Improve personal cash flow - Use tax savings to increase your discretionary income.
  • Change lives - Giving to the charities that are impacting lives for eternity like Bethany Christian Services, extends your impact for generations to come.

Consider how you might grow your potential for God’s kingdom, just like that of an acorn, through asset-based giving.

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