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Sep 09, 2016

While children have historically snubbed vegetables, a recent Washington Post article suggested that convincing kids to eat their greens may be easier than ever. After analyzing plate waste data from nearly 8,500 elementary school children, researchers at Texas A&M University found at least one variable between whether or not the children would eat them: “what else is on the plate.” The research suggests that adults should initially remove any other delicious “competition” from their child’s plate. Psychologist Traci Mann calls that strategy “get alone with a vegetable.” By serving a veggie first and alone, while a child is at their hungriest and not
distracted by anything they may find tastier, they’re more likely to be eaten.

Good parents and grandparents want what’s best for the children they love: healthy bodies, safety, education, character development, and emotional health. But there’s an even greater gift you can give them, and that’s a generational legacy of faith and values. Parents who instill a heritage of faith in their children offer their very best.

Another way you can give your best is by prayerfully creating an Estate Plan that’s structured to yield the best possible blessing for your loved ones and the ministries you care about, like Bethany Christian Services. Here are some things to consider when creating your Estate Plan:

Mitigate unnecessary taxation. Tax laws vary from state to state and can change unexpectedly. It’s important to make sure your plans are relevant with current tax laws. Also, certain assets carry higher tax implications than others. Consider leaving lesser taxed items, like life insurance for your heirs and retirement assets to a non-profit organization.

Eliminate potential stress and create peace. An up-to-date Will allows you to put your financial house in order. This can help your loved ones avoid unnecessary emotional or relationship strain.

Communicate faith and values. An Estate Plan that reflects your beliefs helps to pass along your legacy. By supporting ministry causes that you feel passionate about and communicating personal messages of faith and belonging, you can provide a true heritage of faith for those you love most.

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