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May 15, 2015

The young daughter of a pastor noticed her dad always took a moment to bow his head silently before preaching. One day she asked, “Daddy, why do you bow your head before you preach?” “Well, I like to pause and ask the Lord to help me preach a good sermon.” Puzzled, the little girl innocently asked, “Then how come He doesn’t do it?” 

Have you ever experienced a “communication gap” with those of a younger generation? The good news is that although you come from different eras, you can find common ground with your children and grandkids when you speak from the heart. Sharing a legacy of faith and Biblical stewardship can help bridge the gap and set a powerful example.

Do you financially support a ministry you care about, like Bethany Christian Services? Have you ever considered leaving a legacy gift for Bethany Christian Services in your Will? This is a simple way to communicate your values, impact lives and inspire your loved ones in a God-honoring way. Luke 1:50 says “…His mercy is for those who fear him from generation to generation.”

Here are some ways to begin dialogue about giving with a younger generation:

  1. Offer to match their gift to a Christian charity.
  2. Let them choose a ministry to bless, then make a donation in their name.
  3. Create a “love drawer” including important documents, passwords, and a personal, handwritten note that communicates your values.

Don’t let the “communication gap” become an obstacle. Instead, communicate blessing to your loved ones and inspire stewardship to come alive in their hearts.

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