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Build a Better Understanding of Adoption at Your Church

These videos are designed to educate your church on adoption issues and to inform and engage people in the ministry of adoption.

What can you expect when you begin the adoption journey? Learn about adopting an older child and a child from another country.

Help your church start an adoption fund and find out how you can gather a team to promote and maintain the vision for an Adoption Ministry.

Pastor Johnny Carr delivered this sermon at Cross Pointe Church in Duluthe, Georgia. It is a testimony of how God changed his family through adoption.

Learn how to create or find an Orphan and Adoption Ministry in your church and community.

An exploration of common myths related to birthfamilies, adoptive families, and adopted children.

Adopting a child can be more affordable than you may think. Discover creative ways you can raise money towards an adoption.

Are you ready to start the adoption process? Find out about the self-examination and education involved in a Home Study.

Videos for Churches