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Let Us Help You Navigate Your Adoption Experience

Every adoption experience has its joys and challenges—and each adoption story is unique. That's why Bethany Christian Services provides ongoing services and resources so you don't have to feel alone in your adoption journey. Whether you're an adoptee, birthparent or adoptive parent, we're here for you, providing expert support built on decades of experience in the field of adoption. 

Core Post-Adoption Services

Navigating Open Adoption Relationships

A birth mother, an adoptive mother and an adopted child share a moment in an open adoption.

The majority of adoption relationships involve direct communication between birthparents and adoptive families. If you choose to have mediated contact, Bethany can help.

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Searching for Your Birth Family Information

An adopted woman discovers her identity as an adoptee.

Bethany can help you find birth relative information, whether you were adopted in the U.S. or internationally. Request information from adoption records, or consider making contact with your birthfamily.

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Consulting, Coaching, and Counseling

An adoptive mom and dad talk to a therapist about their marriage related to their adoption.

When challenges arise in your adoption, Bethany can assess your needs and provide recommendations for support. Looking for more? We can also connect you with coaching or counseling for your adoption. 

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Get Help Now

Our Post Adoption Contact Center is here to help you with a wide range of issues and connect you with resources for ongoing support. These phone consultations are free of charge. 

Post Adoption Webinars

We offer quarterly live Webinars with adoption experts on topics like discipling the traumatized child, encouraging healthy attachment, FASD and more. Recent topics include:

  • Talking Through the Tough Stuff with Adopted Children
  • Interrupting the Cycle of Intense Emotions
  • Same Family, Different Stories
  • Adoption: When the Call is Tested
  • Caring for Children with Sexual Behavior Problems
  • Brain Development & Trauma: What Every Adoptive Parent Needs to Know
  • From Fearful to Fearless: 3 Simple Shifts to Help You Embrace Openness in Adoption

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What people are saying about Bethany's Post-Adoption Services

"We just wanted to say how much Bethany’s post adoption services have meant to our family. Over the past several months, our worker has become such a vital part of our “team.” Trauma parenting is never easy, but Bethany staff stayed right alongside us and helped us navigate through our most trying times. Thank you…"
"When we moved last year, we had difficulty finding post adoption services until we connected with Bethany. They helped connect us to a list of providers within days.  What a great resource!  I wish we had known about it sooner!"

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