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Bringing Families Together through Adoption

When you choose to adopt, you give a child the gift of love. Whether you are seeking adoption because infertility has prevented you from growing your family, or you feel it is God's calling to provide a loving home for a child, adoption is a very rewarding way to start or grow your family.

Our goal at Bethany Christian Services is to find loving and nurturing homes for children. Adoptive families give children the opportunity to become all God intends for them to be.

Selecting the Right Type of Adoption for Your Family

Families come to Bethany hoping to adopt a child for many reasons. We work closely with these families to identify their strengths and the child they are most able to parent and we help place children of all ages, cultures, and backgrounds in the safety of a loving home. 

If you are concerned about being able to afford the cost of adoption, there are many grants, funds, and other forms of financial assistance available.

Infant Adoption

Infant Adoption Spotlight

Our goal is to help expectant parents, and the adoptive families they choose, to make the adoption plan that works best for them and the child they both love.

International Adoption

International Adoption Spotlight

Many children around the world are waiting for a forever family. Their early lives have included things like orphanages, abandonment, malnutrition, and even abuse—but they can thrive in a loving and nurturing home. Can you open your heart and home to one of these children?

Foster Care Adoptions

Foster Care Adoption Spotlight

Children in foster care have faced hardship and pain during their lives. When returning to their biological family is not an option, they need a safe place to call home, with a family to provide them with the love and care. There are more than 100,000 children in foster care who are available for adoption and they are waiting for a family like yours.

Post-Adoption Support

Main Foster Care Spotlight

Children in foster care have been removed from their families because of neglect and abuse. These children need a loving family who will walk with them during a time of crisis and welcome them unconditionally into a temporary, caring home.