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Is There Room in Your Heart and Family for a Child in Need?

There is a growing need for families willing to open their hearts and homes to children and teenagers who have been removed from their families because of neglect or abuse. These children need a loving family who will walk with them during a time of crisis and welcome them unconditionally into a caring home. 

Foster A Teen

Our greatest need is for foster families to accept sibling groups of two or more children up to the age of 17. Could your family welcome these children into your family, even for a short time?

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If you’re feeling scared, anxious, or doubtful about the prospect of becoming a foster parent, we have good news for you. You are completely normal. Download our free ebook to learn how we address some of the most commonly asked questions from prospective foster parents. You’ll learn how to build a foster care community, tips for discussing foster care with your spouse, and the foster parent requirements. We highly recommend this resource for anyone curious about foster parenting!

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What You Need to Be a Foster Parent

  1. Be a couple or single adult over the age of 21.
  2. Have a stable housing situation--you can either rent or own your residence--that provides enough for your foster child to grow.
  3. Demonstrate positive parenting skills that include patience, stability, maturity and love of children.
  4. Knowledge of child development is helpful, but not required.
  5. Willingness to work with foster care staff towards achieving identified goals for your foster child.
  6. A sense of humor and a lot of love!

Support for Foster Parents

Fostering can present challenges as you work towards healing for the child in your care. Bethany recognizes this and provides you with the tools and support you need to help your foster child thrive. This support can include:

  • An orientation session
  • Training on child development and trauma-informed parenting skills
  • Ongoing support from a trained Bethany caseworker
  • Foster parent support meetings
  • 24-hour crisis intervention services
  • Respite care

In addition to these services, Bethany provides you with monthly reimbursement expenses based on the level of care you provide. Medical and dental care for your foster child is paid through your state’s Medicaid program.

As you develop a relationship with your Bethany caseworker, be sure to communicate your educational and support needs so that we can ensure you thrive as a foster parent. We understand that fully-supported foster parents ultimately leads to a more stable and loving environment for the child in your care. Bethany is committed to ensuring that you have what you need to be the best foster parent you can be!

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