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Is There Room in Your Heart and Home for a Child in Need?

There is a growing need for families willing to open their hearts and homes to children and teenagers who have been removed from their families because of neglect or abuse.

These children need a loving family who will walk with them during a time of crisis and welcome them unconditionally into a caring home. Children in foster care range in age from infants to teenagers and typically remain in your care for at least a few months. The highest-priority need is for foster homes for sibling groups and children from minority groups.

The Goal

The goal of Bethany’s Foster Care program is to provide temporary care for children with the ultimate aim of reuniting them with their biological family. Toward this goal, we seek stable families who can love and nurture children who are going through a challenging time. If it is not possible for the foster child to return to his or her family, the court will change the goal for the child to adoption.

What Qualities do Foster Parents Need?

Foster parents can be couples or single adults over the age of 21 who are committed to providing a loving home for children and provide them with ample space to grow. Foster parents need to have positive parenting skills, patience, stability, maturity, and a love of children. It is also helpful to know and understand childhood development. Foster parents work with staff from community agencies toward identified goals for the children in their care.

* Foster care is not offered in all Bethany branches

Support for Foster Parents

Bethany is committed to supporting foster parents through orientation, hours of training on child development, and helpful resources. We offer ongoing supervision and support visits by a trained Bethany caseworker, plus regular educational training and support meetings, 24-hour crisis intervention services, and respite care as needed. Monthly reimbursement rates will be based on the level of care that you provide. Medical and dental care for all foster children is paid through state Medicaid programs.

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There are more than 100,000 children in the foster care system who are available for adoption. Could you be the family a child has been waiting for?

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Our greatest need is for foster and adoptive families to accept sibling groups of two or more children up to age 17. Could your family welcome these children into your family, even for a short time?

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