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Caring for Refugee Youth Who have Lost Everything

All across the world, families are forced to flee their homes due to war, natural disasters, or persecution. Often, refugee families are split apart between the time they leave their home and when they arrive at a refugee camp. When this happens, family reunification is difficult and children are considered orphans. The only option for these children is to be resettled in other countries as unaccompanied minors.

This program is only offered in select Bethany branches.

Refugee Foster Care—A Response to a Growing Need

Bethany seeks caring and committed foster parents who are willing to open their homes to children in need, through our refugee and immigrant foster care program. Refugee foster families come from a variety of backgrounds and include families with small children, families whose kids are grown, and both one- and two-parent families. You can show love and compassion to children who are afraid, alone, and yearn for safety as they pursue reunification. 

Join us as we work with refugee foster families to give children from all over the world a chance at a new life.

Become a Refugee Foster Parent

Leave a Legacy of Love: Foster a Refugee Child

Long-Term Goals for Refugee Children

Refugee youth work to heal from past trauma while they pursue goals of learning English, getting an education, and preparing for a future of independence.

Your Role as a Refugee Foster Parent

  • Provide a safe and supportive home environment
  • Offer emotional support, while managing the youth’s behavior
  • Provide transportation for education, medical appointments, and extracurricular activities
  • Be willing to learn about the youth’s culture and incorporate it into your home
  • Provide opportunities for youth to establish meaningful, lifelong relationships
  • Assist the youth in planning for their future

Bethany's Role as a Support System

  • You will be assigned a Bethany caseworker to provide ongoing support and services
  • You will receive specialized training on parenting youth from other cultures
  • You can be matched with experienced foster parents who will act as mentors
  • You will receive a daily stipend to cover the costs of an additional family member, as well as medical insurance for the youth

Can You Provide a Home to Refugee Youth?

We need foster families to accept one or more youth into their home. If you're interested, please contact us to learn more about beginning this process. 

(This program is only offered in certain locations. Inquire with your branch to see if refugee foster care is available in your area)

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