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Bethany Opens Welcome Center for Vulnerable Venezuelans in Colombia - Learn More!

Bethany Global believes in a world where every child has a loving family

Bethany Global takes the expertise in child protection and welfare it has developed from over seventy-five years of work in the United States to eight countries around the world.

Our expert global social workers partner with in-country organizations and governments to establish in-country foster care and family preservation services. This is why we do what we do around the world: Every child has the right to a nurturing, protective family. Only a family setting can best support a child’s spiritual, physical, psychological, social, and emotional needs. Many orphans and vulnerable children cannot live with their families of origin because of abandonment, migration, war, abuse, or disease.

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Equip families to be the answer

Family-based care is the solution for the global orphan crisis.  By partnering with Bethany Global, together we can equip families around the world to provide foster care for children who are without a family of their own.

Keep families together

Poverty, illness, violence, and catastrophes often fragment families.  You can help families overcome these challenges and stay together so they're able to protect their children and provide for their needs.

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