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Providing Family-Based Care for Children in Need

Every child deserves a loving family, no matter where he or she may live. Bethany Global works in more than a dozen countries to provide children with family-based care that allows them to thrive.

By mobilizing in-country partners, Bethany helps provide sustainable, culturally appropriate mechanisms for supporting families and protecting vulnerable children. Our programs also address the array of social factors that put children at risk in the first place, including poverty, lack of healthcare, and limited access to education.

Bringing Families Together, Keeping Families Together

Bethany Global has one goal: to ensure every child has a loving family. As a leader in social services, Bethany leverages its knowledge and experience to keep families together and to find new families for children who need them.

By providing families with a full range of support — economic, emotional, and spiritual — Bethany empowers those families to better care for their children. Healthy, sustainable, loving homes provide children with the environment they need to remain physically and mentally well, which in turn allows them to pursue education and work toward personal goals.

In situations where children are without loving families, Bethany Global works to provide them. We’ve introduced Foster-to-Adopt programs in countries with no previous tradition of adopting unrelated children. By partnering with local agencies, we ensure families are adequately equipped to care for foster and adoptive children so the entire family is strengthened.

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Family Preservation

Protecting children and preserving families is at the core of what Bethany Global does. Through our innovative family preservation programs, we address the complex social factors that place children at risk and provide various forms of support families need to keep children safe and healthy.

Foster Care

Thousands of orphaned and vulnerable children around the globe live without the protection of a loving family. Bethany Global’s foster care programs train and equip families with the skills to be a foster parent.

Domestic Adoption

Bethany Global is a leader in domestic and international adoption. Our domestic adoption programs unite orphaned children and loving families within their own country of origin.


Bethany Global conducts training for youths, families and partners in countries around the world.  We focus on building a foundation for sustainable skills that will preserve and strengthen families.

Case Management

Bethany Global is committed to providing continuous support and professionalism in all that we do. Through our consistent and detailed services, case management is a key to our child protection and welfare programs.