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Our Work in Guatemala

Bethany Global began its ministry in Guatemala in 1996, when we opened our international adoption program. Today, our ministry focuses on ways to keep families together.

Since 2010, we have worked to strengthen families in Guatemala so they may provide their children with the necessities of life: good nutrition, clean water, safe housing, education, and spiritual development. We do this by supporting our partner in Guatemala—Manos de Jesus—through our sponsorship program.

Child Protection and Welfare in Guatemala

Guatemala is a country with a long history and a rich and diverse culture. Since the end of its civil war in the mid-1990s, Guatemala has been rebuilding itself. Bethany has worked continuously in Guatemala since 1996, providing a variety of social services, including foster parent trainings, child sponsorship, and community development initiatives. In late 2010, Bethany One Family Sponsorship partnered with the Manos de Jesus “Widow Houses” project to preserve families in the Chichicastenango area of Guatemala. Manos de Jesus works in Guatemala to build inexpensive homes for widows and the children they care for. Bethany follows the initial home-building by providing support to sustain their daily living expenses. In addition, sponsorship support provides assistance in areas that will enable each family to move towards self-sufficiency. Your support helps provide clean water, nutrition, discipleship programs, food, health care assistance, and education.

Bethany in Guatemala