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Our Work in Zambia

In 2008, Bethany Global began our family-strengthening social services programs in Zambia. Together with our partner, The Christian Alliance for Children in Zambia (CACZ), the lives of hundreds of parents and children have improved. Our ministry in Zambia focuses strictly on providing in-country domestic adoption and social services.

Child Protection and Welfare in Zambia

Foster Care in Zambia

Bethany is replicating our renowned domestic foster-to-adopt program from Ethiopia to Zambia. Our Ethiopia program has been serving vulnerable children since 2010. The foster-to-adopt program seeks to establish loving, safe, permanent families for children currently living in orphanages and outside of family-based care. Permanency planning is done with families from the time of recruitment through the engagement and foster placement stages.

Domestic Adoption in Zambia

In Zambia, our goal for all children is to provide them with a permanent family. In many cases this happens in stages. First, Bethany must work to deinstitutionalize children through foster care placements, emphasizing on permanency. Our goal is that these foster families will adopt. Zambia's precious children who are yearning for a lifelong family to surround them with love and care, and Bethany hopes to provide that.

Keeping Families Together

Since 2006, Bethany and our partner CACZ have been working through a comprehensive Milk and Medicine program in Lusaka. Originally, the partnership was purely working to keep families together through focusing on the 20 percent of Zambian children who have lost one or both parents to AIDS. Parents who are sick cannot work or provide for their families. And many families, in desperation, make the heart-wrenching decision to place their children into orphanages. Institutional care can never be a substitute for parental love, nurture, and guidance, so Bethany and CACZ have and will continue to change this reality for many Zambian families.