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Caring for Orphans and Through Family-Based Care

Bethany Global Consulting leverages the professionalism, integrity, and expertise of Bethany staff to advance the missions of other organizations dedicated to protecting children internationally through family-based care. Our consulting will help  develop the programs required to place and keep children in families. If you’re looking to strengthen your group’s global outreach, we can help.

Partnership Empowers Your Organization to Create Lasting Change

Bethany is committed to meaningful, sustainable interventions that support the welfare of children worldwide. Our consulting services will help your organization:

  • Realize the benefits of a holistic approach integrating practical, economic, emotional, and spiritual forms of support.
  • Improve services to meet international standards of practice in child and family welfare.
  • Increase the financial sustainability of your project or program.
  • Increase your organization’s visibility among local communities.
  • Maintain ownership of your project or program.

Case Studies for Global Consulting

Learn more in-depth about the work that Bethany Global does with organizations worldwide to develop sustainable family-based care solutions. 

Case Study from Nepal

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Case Study from Tanzania

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Churches and Family Sponsorship

Phase One: Assessment

The Assessment phase of Bethany’s global consulting services provides a snapshot of what is and isn't working in your current program so that you can determine the best ways to serve orphans and vulnerable children.

Phase Two: Development and Implementation

The second phase of our services builds on the momentum acquired from the Assessment phase to explore and weigh alternatives and determine actions. This measured, efficient approach allows you to move forward with confidence, knowing you've considered all the options.

Phase Three: Management and Evaluation

Once a program is underway, we can help the organization manage and evaluate the program for long-term success. Organizational staff, community leaders, and other stakeholders are still responsible for implementing the program — Bethany staff merely act as coaches, offering guidance and support from the sidelines.

Phase Four: Sustainability

The fourth phase focuses on Sustainability — ensuring the program continues to run smoothly. The right people, structures, and strategies must all be in place to ensure ongoing success. Organizations participating in the first three phases of Bethany’s global consulting services will have already established an enduring foundation on which future achievements can build.