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Although National Adoption Month may be over, we encourage you to continue opening the dialogue by asking tough questions, sharing unique stories, and encouraging others in their adoption journeys. We hope you enjoyed learning about adoption through the lens of  "The Missing Voice" in many adoption conversations: adoptees. 

National Adoption Month Resources

Ryan Zies' Adoption Story

Looking for more videos? Discover our adoption video resources, perfect for sharing in your church, community, or social media network.

Stories from Bethany Adoptees

Angela Tucker's Story

As an adoptee, I find myself feeling ambivalent when events like National Adoption Month, Orphan Sunday, or World Adoption Day take place. You’d think these kinds of public campaigns promoting adoption would get adoptees like me excited.

Johnny Johnson's Story

So much about international adoption has changed since 1961. The societal norm then was to “save” international children from poverty. Love them, yes, and then assimilate them to become productive American citizens. I did most of my exploration on my own.

Tina Baarspul's Story

I don’t remember being told I was adopted; from my earliest memories, this was simply a known fact. My parents adopted again when I was 17 months old, and they always conveyed to us that our family came together in a different way, but we were family.

Discover Adoption

Are you considering adoption? Learn all about infant adoption, international adoption, and foster care adoption to decide what's right for your family. Today, most adoptions have some level of openness between the birth and adoptive family. Bethany works with both the expectant and adoptive parents to develop a relationship.

Post-Adoption Support

Every adoption experience has its joys and challenges—and each adoption story is unique. That's why Bethany Christian Services provides ongoing services and resources so you don't have to feel alone in your adoption journey. Whether you're an adoptee, birthparent or adoptive parent, we're here for you providing expert support.

Resources from 2017

Adoption Language 101 Videos