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Empowering and Strengthening Refugee and Immigrant Youth and Families

We are in the middle of the largest refugee crisis ever. Each year, thousands of people arrive in the United States as refugees and asylum seekers looking for safety and a welcoming community. Many refugees and asylum seekers are children who arrive as unaccompanied minors, having been separated from their families abroad as they fled violence.

Who Are Refugees?

  • Families fleeing violence
  • Children and youth fleeing violence
  • Asylum seekers
  • Survivors of human trafficking

Refugee Stories

What We Do:

Refugee Foster Care

Often refugee families are separated between leaving their home and arriving in the U.S. When this happens, family reunification is difficult, and children are considered unaccompanied minors. The best option for these children is to be cared for by a foster care family. 

Refugee Employment

Bethany partners with over 100 businesses to help refugees successfully enter the workforce. Beyond finding employment, our staff work alongside clients to guarantee continual professional development. We aim for consistent wage growth and career advancement.

Refugee Resettlement

Bethany staff provide close support for the first three to six months after a refugee arrives in the U.S. by collaborating with volunteers, churches, schools, and service providers to ensure refugees thrive in America. We prepare housing, provide case management, offer cultural orientation, and assist with school enrollment.

Other Refugee and Immigrant Services

Bethany is committed to the success of our clients well beyond the initial case management period. We provide refugees with post-resettlement case management, medical case management, English language learning classes, extended cultural orientation classes, counseling services, and services to survivors of trafficking and torture.

How You Can Help:

We need individuals and couples willing to open their hearts and homes to refugee and immigrant youth. Become a refugee foster parent to help them prepare for future independence.

Offering your time as a volunteer is one of the most meaningful ways to support refugees. Being a friend, mentor, and tutor is always needed for refugees of all ages, along with providing transportation for medical appointments and job interviews.

Incorporating refugees into your business not only makes a profound impact in their lives, but also brings an exceptional work ethic and host of talents to your workforce. Bethany offers an accessible team as a resource to businesses.

Communicate your support for refugees to help elected officials understand the importance of refugee issues. Discover ways you can advocate for refugees.

If you’re called to financially support our refugee and immigrant services programs, please consider donating. These programs support case management, counseling, employment, and foster care services that ensure children and families thrive in their new communities.

Refugee families entering the United States fare better when they are connected to a local church, business, or community group for support and friendship. As co-sponsors, your group can provide the companionship and mentoring they need to navigate their new culture and language.