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Adoption Education

Adoption Education Spotlight

Are you ready to adopt? Have you already adopted? Unsure about adoption? These educational and informational webinars will help guide you through the ins and outs of adoption, help answer some of your questions, and prepare you for the road ahead.

International Adoption Webinar

An adoptive parent finds out how to help their multicultural family thrive.

Would you be interested in learning more about the International Adoption Process? This webinar includes a step by step guidance on an entire International Adoption. 

HIV Resources

HIV Resources

Many children are facing the reality of living with HIV. These children still deserve our love and a family to call their own. If you have adopted or are interested in adopting a child with HIV check out these resources.

Making Adoption Affordable Webinar

Affordable Adoption Spotlight

Are you afraid of how much adoption will cost? Don't let the numbers scare you from experiencing the priceless love of a child. Learn from a tax expert and hear from a family who didn't want to wait until they could "afford it".

China Spotlight Webinar

China Spotlight

In the People’s Republic of China, some children are left abandoned without families and are awaiting adoption by a loving family. Could that be your family?